Health & Wellness Working Group

Goal - The IVMA cares about the physical and mental health of our members and has created this working group to help promote wellness within the profession. The goal of the working group is to put resources and knowledge into the hands of our members to help them live their best life.

Responsibilities – IVMA members who wish to volunteer for a task force or working group should possess the following qualities:

  • Maintain an interest in that subject.
  • Have a willingness to attend meetings.
  • Respect differing opinions.
  • Possess good communication skills.

Have the ability to:

  • Work well with others in a team setting.
  • Participate in discussions and decision making.
  • Abide by the majority decision.
 Essential duties:
  • Develop and monitor wellness issues, challenges, and opportunities for IVMA members
  • Monitor the IVMA Member Assistance Program
  • Monitor the IVMA Veterinary Wellbeing Program to assist veterinarians experiencing difficulties with substance or alcohol abuse. The Program is maintained by a contracted licensed social worker. Program elements include:
    • Screening and referral
    • Consultation with staff from Continuing the Care
    • Case management designed to provide support and accountability
    • Advocacy services (i.e. to the Veterinary Licensing Board)
    • Education on veterinary-related health concerns

Time Commitment: 1-3 Zoom meetings in 2021 (average of one hour) plus email contact as needed.

Working Group Members – All working group members shall be members in good standing of the IVMA and the make-up of the working group will attempt to represent diverse representation and thought. Working group members must act in the best interest of IVMA in executing their duties, keeping in mind the needs of IVMA members.

Location:  IVMA Offices; 125 West Market Street, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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