ivma lead 2024

What is IVMA LEAD?

The LEAD program is developed as an honor to the 25+ years of service by Lisa Perius, CAE, IVMA Executive Director. IVMA LEAD honors the legacy of Lisa to continue to lead the IVMA, develop and harness member veterinarians’ leadership abilities, and care for their wellbeing. This session is open to all IVMA members. Eight hours of continuing education will be offered.

It is an overnight, intensive, leadership training and wellness “boot camp” to recharge, energize, and stimulate personal and professional growth.

How the Program Works


This program is intended for current IVMA members. It is open to the first 25 registrants. 

Location & General Information

This program will be held at the Embassy Suites Noblesville. Registration will begin at 3 pm and the session will start at 4 pm. Dinner is included on Friday night and the session will end by 8:00 pm. Then, head to the hotel bar or restaurant to relax and connect with your colleagues. LEAD will start at 8:00AM on Saturday morning and conclude by Noon. All continuing education sessions, meals, and your hotel room for Friday evening are included in the registration fee.


Friday, February 2 / Dr. Mia Cary

4:00PM – Powerfully You
5:00PM – Radically Candid Communication
6:00PM – Inclusivity First / Working Dinner Served
7:00PM – What Ted Lasso Teaches Us About Leadership & Life
8:00PM – Adjourn

Saturday, February 3 / Dr. Mary Beth Spitznagel

8:00AM – Introduction to client burden and burden transfer DANCE; identification of how points of burden transfer relate to difficult thoughts, feelings, and urges during DANCE interactions.
9:00AM – Introduction to being present; grounding and anchoring exercises; techniques for noticing the “here and now;” introduction to acceptance; tools to acknowledge thoughts and feelings in DANCE interactions without trying to control; identification of being “pulled in” or avoiding thoughts and feelings.
10:00AM – Introduction to unhooking (diffusion); imagery and other experiential tools to allow thoughts and feelings to come and go during DANCE interactions; introduction to self-as-context; techniques for stepping back and observing thoughts and feelings as they occur in DANCE interaction.
11:00AM – Identification of personal values related to veterinary medicine; identification of how individual values are derailed in DANCE interactions; identification of individual ways to focus on alternate values and opportunities to bring derailed values back into life; introduction to committed action; identification of individual ways to take action toward values, including choice of a value to focus on in DANCE interactions, identification of specific goals that serve the value and actions to achieve value-based goals.


$99 Includes Meals, CE Session & Hotel Stay