President’s Message

Dear IVMA Members,

Spring is finally upon us, and we find ourselves navigating a season of exciting transitions. This period of change isn’t just about the weather—it mirrors the evolution occurring within our profession and our association.

April was a particularly inspiring month, as I had the honor of presenting IVMA gifts to our 3rd year Purdue students during the White Coat Ceremony. This symbolic gesture marks their transition from students to clinicians, ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges of veterinary medicine. The energy and pride at the ceremony were palpable, reminding us of all of the passion and dedication that drive our profession.

Looking ahead to graduation, I am thrilled to speak to the new doctors who are about to embark on the grand adventure of their early careers. This is a time of ambition and aspiration, as they step into roles that will shape both their futures and the future of veterinary medicine.

At the same time, the IVMA itself is also evolving. At our last board meeting, we had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Addie Reinhard, CEO of MentorVet. She introduced us to MentorVet Connect, an innovative platform designed to strengthen mentorship within our practices across Indiana, sponsored by the AVMA. I encourage each of you to visit MentorVet Connect and consider becoming a mentor. Your experience could profoundly impact a budding veterinarian’s career and enrich your own professional journey. See more on page 9.

Another significant evolution involves this very newsletter. After careful consideration and review of our data, the Board has decided to transition to a digital-first communication strategy for the Hoosier Veterinarian newsletter. Starting in early 2025, we will distribute a printed newsletter annually in January to all IVMA members, while shifting to digital newsletters for the remainder of the year via email. This change will allow us to reallocate resources previously used for printing and mailing (for those that requested this option) into more value-added services for you, such as enhanced programs and continuing education opportunities.

As we move forward, let us embrace these changes with the same enthusiasm and readiness for growth that we see in our new graduates. Together, we can ensure a brighter, more connected future for veterinary medicine in Indiana.


Lindsey Hedges
IVMA President