From the Executive Director

Greetings from the IVMA staff. We have been busy with the great privilege of serving you, our IVMA members, and organized veterinary medicine. I know we interacted with many of you during the recent completion of license and CSR renewals. Thanks to those who took advantage of the IVMA’s opioid continuing education offering.

The IVMA Board continues to direct the vision and mission of the association. Please know that you are represented by terrific volunteers who work very hard for veterinary medicine in the best interests of members and of animal health. There are always differences of opinion and ideas, but respect and comprise win out at the end of the day. IVMA candidates’ listings start on page 27 of the newsletter. Check them out and thank them for volunteering on your behalf.

IVMA staff has been busy completing details for the upcoming Crossroads Veterinary Conference, February 1-3, 2024, at the Embassy Suites Noblesville. Please consider registering for the full conference, or even for a day. Connect with your colleagues, get out of the clinic, and refresh your career energy at the meeting. It would be great to see you in person.

We have also been busy working with the following task forces and working groups on your behalf:

• The Practice Efficiency Working Group begins the next chapter of their work to focus on clinic efficiency information for you. The next topics to focus on will be clinic safety and artificial intelligence in veterinary medicine.

• The Legislative Working Group has met and touched base on what the 2024 Legislative Session may offer. They are keenly aware of keeping track of legislation that may impact veterinary medicine. Part of their discussion included trying to increase participation in the Veterinary Medicine PAC. Consider a donation in 2024. Give me a call to discuss.

• The Outreach Task Force has met, and they are working on a survey of recent grads to measure how assimilation into veterinary practice occurs. This intel will be used by the Board to guide strategic next steps.

• The Health and Wellness Working Group will meet in early December to review reports from the company that offers our Member Assistance Program. These quarterly reports let the group (all anonymous, of course) know where additional resources may be needed for your profession. Consider calling MyGroup if you need help. Their number is 800-633-3353. I had a member recently who let me know they called and received assistance from this valuable resource. Helping one member likes this is a game changer. With the holidays fast approaching, keep this resource in mind. This member benefit, alone, far exceeds the cost of your IVMA membership dues.

• The Wet Labs Working Group is planning some new continuing education opportunities for the first half of 2024. Be on the lookout for new CE offerings.

• The IVMA’s first ever Power of Business session is complete in mid-November. Nearly 50 owners and team members have met for sessions in August, September, and October on topics like clinic culture, financials, veterinary technician utilization and marketing. This program demonstrates IVMA deliverables for YOU!

• The 11th class of Power of 10 is well underway. We have met to do Insights training, wellness and stress management, and communication. We look forward to taking our P10 group to Chicago in early January for the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference.

• Discovery Insights for your team can transform your communication strategies within your veterinary hospital. Who doesn’t want that? Contact me to learn more about how to offer this training in your practice. So far in 2023, I have delivered Insights training to over 150 veterinarians, staff, and PVM students. Learn more at Insights Discovery – INVMA

• It’s been a busy time here at IVMA!
Call or email me. The IVMA staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. That is why we are here every day. Thank you for your membership. I wish each of you the best during this upcoming holiday season.
As always, feel free to contact me at

Lisa A. Perius, CAE