10 Fun Things To Do With Your Pet This Summer

It’s officially summer time!   We have a few summer fun suggestions for the whole family, including your furry friends.

  1. Have a pool & bubble party.  A couple of kiddie pools, some dog friendly bubble solution to use in a bubble machine and sprinklers is all you need for a fun day with your family and pets. This is a win on a very hot summer day.
  2. Go on a hike.  Indiana has some great trails that are pet friendly.  Here is a link to Indiana pet friendly hiking trails.
  3. Go for a morning or evening walk.  An early morning or evening walk during the summer months, is healthy for you and your pets and it’s not as hot!
  4. Have a pet friendly ice cream social Make dog friendly frozen treats for your pets. Yes, doggy ice cream is a thing!
  5. Anyone for some selfies?  Have a fun pet(s) and family photo session.  How about a red, white and blue themed photo session.  Flags, sun glasses, bandannas are all great props for you and your furry friends. Learn how two make fun photo props and tie dye t-shirts for the whole family below.
  6. Have a tie dye party and make doggy t-shirts, and bandannas.  
  7. Have an outdoor movie night along with treats for everyone!  Anyone up for Secret Life of Pets?  Dog friendly movie treats.
  8. Make an outdoor obstacle course for your dog(s) and kids
  9. Make a puppy playhouse out of card board.  This is a fun activity for your kids on a rainy day. Though your kids might want to play in it also!
  10. Drum roll…….  Nothing beats a good game of catch, whether it’s with a Frisbee, tennis ball, or squeaky toy.

Have a cat?  We have fun suggestions for you as well.

  1. Take a cat nap.  Cat’s love to sleep and cuddle, join your cat and take an afternoon siesta.
  2. Make a fun cat toy out of items found around the house.  Here are a few ideas.  https://www.care.com/c/diy-cat-toys/
  3. Now that you have made the cat toy, play with your kitty. 
  4. Take a selfie with your cat and post on social media.
  5. Take you cat for a walk, there are several unique ways to do this:  cat strollers, and clear cat backpacks, or you can use a kitty leash.  Warning!  Cats are not the best leash users and it may seem that they are taking you for a walk.
  6. Buy a laser pointer and watch your cat try to catch it!  The best entertainment for both humans and cats.
  7. Make cat treats!  https://www.thecookierookie.com/3-ingredient-salmon-cat-treats/
  8. Create a cat food puzzle:  http://foodpuzzlesforcats.com/homemade-puzzles.
  9. Do a lot of online shopping? Save the box and give it to your cat. Cat’s love boxes and will enjoy it! https://www.whycatwhy.com/cat-cardboard-box-diy-projects/
  10. Bubbles!  Blow bubbles and watch your cat pop them.  This can be a very amusing activity for the entire family!

Most of all enjoy your pets and have FUN!  Happy Summer:)