President’s Message

2018 IVMA President Dr. Nathan Rich

Hello again.  I hope this month’s Hoosier Veterinarian finds everyone doing very well.  I’m sure as we enter into the dog days of summer you are all finding yourselves very busy. Many of you, whether you are in private practice, industry, academia or research may find yourselves busier than you want to be as the economy continues to improve and the importance of pets in our lives continues to increase.  It is certainly a wonderful time to be a veterinarian. Likewise, it is a wonderful time to be the President of the IVMA.

In May, I had the privilege of addressing the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine’s graduating class of 2018.  It was an honor to be included in their oath ceremony and a memorable experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  In June, I found myself very busy as your IVMA Board of Directors packed up and headed south for our June board meeting and destination continuing education at the French Lick Resort.  Five days later, I found myself, along with Lisa Perius, driving to West Virginia for a weekend stay at the Greenbrier to represent the IVMA at the Heartland Veterinary Conference.  While in years past this has been an event attended by the entire Board of Governors/Executive Board, we felt, in an attempt to continue with our mission to balance the budget and utilize the IVMA’s resources as effectively as possible, that we would only send two individuals.

While I was busy traveling, the Board of Governors was busy helping me shore up more volunteers to join our tasks forces and in some cases, finding individuals to help lead our task forces.  Thank you to everyone who has signed up to lend us your ideas as a member of one of our task forces this year.  With that being said, our task forces are starting to roll along and will hopefully bring new ideas and energy to our organization that I will be able to share with you in the very near future.

As we move into July and August we are faced with a new challenge that will need to be addressed sooner rather than later.  With the restructuring of our organization, we will be looking for new faces to fill the four at-large positions on our Board of Directors.  If you have any interest in this we certainly would encourage you to apply.  If you have questions about the position, please contact myself or Lisa Perius in the IVMA office.  Applications are due August 1st.  We would certainly love to hear from you!

In August we will launch a new campaign, “IVMA On the Go.”  This is an outreach program to connect with our member clinics to say “thank you”.  This is also an opportunity for us to reach out to our non-member clinics, to put a face with a name and hopefully recruit new members to help strengthen the state of veterinary medicine in the state of Indiana.  Look for us in a town near you.

And finally in August, the IVMA along with Purdue University, will continue with our standing tradition of providing spay/neuter demonstrations at the Indiana State Fair.  If you have never been part of this fun tradition, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to the IVMA office and ask how you can get involved.  It is a great asset to our profession and a great way to showcase the many talents of our IVMA members.

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful summer full of prosperity, family and fun.


Nathan Rich, DVM