2019 IVMA President Dr. Matt Cantrell
2019-03-01 12.02.02

Hello, and welcome to a new edition of the Hoosier Veterinarian, a new spring, and a new President’s message. As I spoke to the assembly at our recent Annual Meeting after the transfer of Presidency, it was abundantly clear to me that the IVMA is in a great position to continue leading our profession into the future. I want to take a moment to thank Dr. Nathan Rich for his leadership, generosity and kindness over the last year. With his guidance, our association has deeper stability, even amidst the opportunity of working with a new governance system. I know Nathan will continue to be involved, and I will lean on him a lot over the coming year. We continue to have work to do to make the most of the opportunities before us!

In addition to thanking Dr. Rich for his service as IVMA President, I also want to thank the IVMA Annual Meeting Working Group for coordinating another terrific conference. The meeting was held February 28 – March 2, 2019, in Indianapolis. This group works year-round to plan all meeting details, recruit exhibitors and sponsors and attract world-class speakers. Hat’s off to this dedicated group. The meeting certainly doesn’t happen without our exhibitors and sponsors. Thanks to our vendors who continue to support organized veterinary medicine in Indiana.

In my first brief address as your President, I mentioned keeping certain values at the forefront of my mind during the next year: Joy, Passion, Confidence, Gratitude and Respect. As an association, we must look to the future and continue to adapt through innovation, yet we should respect the great contributions our profession has already had on society. We should be grateful to those who have come previously, paving the way for us to have the opportunities that are before us today. We will act with confidence in the coming year, knowing that the awesome minds and talent we have assembled can make the most of each opportunity that presents itself. The passion that has led us to our involvement with the IVMA will be harnessed to create the most positive impact possible, whether that be through legislative advocacy, member programming, or any other path we pursue. All the while, I hope over the next year that we all remember our roots and what we love about this profession. With joy in our hearts and a culture of care, I hope we make our world a better place, pet by pet, patient by patient, case  person by person.

The most basic tenant of my life is to make a positive impact on the world around me, and I hope to continue that mission through this new phase of volunteering. I am acutely aware of all the veterinarians across the state whom I represent. The IVMA has 1462 members right now; our membership has never been this high! I look forward to meeting many of you over the coming year, and I hope to continue to build trust and confidence in our association, such that every veterinarian in the state knows to turn to the IVMA for leadership, camaraderie, advocacy, CE, and help in so many of the various aspects of clinic and business life. We are also here as an outlet for giving back: if you are considering volunteering for something, don’t forget that volunteering for IVMA activities is an extremely rewarding experience!

In the coming year, I know that the IVMA will continue its great work in developing programs that contribute to Innovation, Culture and Advocacy. New and old programs alike will provide valuable member benefits that make it clear to all 1462 of us why we are proudly IVMA members. Watch for more information about the Power of 10 and Power of You programs, and if this may not be your year to participate, please encourage colleagues to take part in the personal and leadership development that is offered through these programs. Watch for information about the Crossroads Veterinary Conference, our signature CE event of 2020 with a new venue, new name and new energy! Watch for new Wet Labs that will provide training for the whole veterinary team. Watch for information about forthcoming Working Groups and Task Forces and consider getting involved. The IVMA is all about our members having a voice and gathering a diversity of opinions to help lead us into the future.

Thank you sincerely for this opportunity to lead in this profession I love. This will be a great year, and the IVMA will continue doing great things!

Dr. Matt Cantrell