2019 IVMA President Dr. Matt Cantrell
2019-03-01 12.02.02

It is almost May, and spring is in full swing!  As everything greens up outside and all sorts of outdoor activities commence, many of us are coming through or beginning our busy seasons.  IVMA is also working hard, with many projects and initiatives actively occurring or upcoming to support our members.  It’s going to be a busy year, in a great way!

On the forefront of many members’ minds is the INSPECT program and our new requirements in relation to obtaining, prescribing and dispensing controlled drugs.  While I can’t put all the details into this brief message, the IVMA has been staying on top of this issue and compiling information.  Please see the following link to learn more about what you need to know: http://invma.org/ivma/. In short, if you are prescribing or dispensing controlled drugs in Indiana, you need to be registered for the INSPECT program.  Prior to renewing your license this year, you will also need to have 2 hours of CE specific to opioid education.  IVMA has worked to put together multiple opportunities for you to get those hours, so please see this link for info: http://invma.org/6737-2/.  Please remember, the INSPECT program and opioid education is law, and compliance is required for your license!

Other than the INSPECT program and CSR/DEA requirements (stay tuned, we know there is a lot of confusion out there, we aim to make some real progress this year at clearing up misconceptions!), we have all sorts of things happening!  The Power of 10 and Power of You programs are set for another year of providing personal and professional development to our early- and mid-career members.  A new working group has been created to develop a program for our Power of 10 graduates from the last 7 years, so that they can reconnect with IVMA and with their colleagues – the Power of 10 Reunion! If you have participated in this program, look for exciting opportunities coming your way later this year.

Other working groups and task forces for IVMA are already in action, including the Innovation Task Force and the Wet Lab Working Group. With our successful dental wet lab model, we plan to expand these offerings to other areas for IVMA members. The Crossroads Veterinary Conference Working Group has already met several times and is developing a tremendous offering for our new conference at a new venue in January 2020.

We continue our advocacy in the legislature, already with multiple “wins” this year for our profession.  Since the Session just completed last week, look for a complete wrap-up in the July newsletter. In the meantime, IVMA’s advocacy, which is one of the singular best member benefits, stayed vigilant and engaged this session in monitoring legislative issues of import to veterinary medicine. IVMA authored a bill to further clarify laws impacting the querying related to INSPECT and advocated for Purdue’s teaching hospital to receive its much-needed funding from the Legislature. Just as importantly is what IVMA worked to stop from becoming law. Language was introduced in a bill to allow for non-economic damages cases to be filed. IVMA was successful in removing this language. Had it passed, this would have been catastrophic for veterinary medicine in Indiana

We have CE events (INSPECT education, wet labs, and the Crossroads Veterinary Conference) quickly approaching…lots of work is going into making these great experiences!  Stay connected with our association by attending these events, or perhaps even get involved with planning!  I assure you, involvement with the IVMA is an enriching experience. Getting involved with IVMA was one of the best things I have done in my career, and I know it will be for you too. IVMA is recruiting candidates for board member positions, candidates for IVMA office, and volunteer opportunities. See pages ___ for more information or contact me directly if you have any questions.

Finally, during this time of growth and renewal of Spring, I am thinking quite a bit about the students at Purdue going through veterinary education.  In particular, there will be a new group of colleagues we will all welcome into the profession in less than a month.  Our great profession is ever-changing, but one thing for sure has not: we continue to have compassionate, caring colleagues join our teams every year.  I encourage every member to embrace the responsibility of mentorship…whether you’ve been a veterinarian for 1 year or 40, you have wisdom to pass along!  And don’t forget how much we can learn from new members!  I believe our ever-changing profession will always head in the right direction with open, respectful dialogue across the many disciplines and generations.

Have a wonderful Spring!

Dr. Matt Cantrell
2019 IVMA President