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Machine for Sale

MAXXray by Raysis.  Original Purchase date:  4-25-04.  Purchased new.  Upgraded computer 2014.

Detector:  RXDN-6000

Power Supply:  RXDN-6000PSU

RS232 Cable (25M)

Data Cable (25M)

AC Power Cable

Workstation:  Window 2000 Professional, Matrox

Software:  MAXXrayDiagnostic, MAXXray Calibration

Viewer:  MAXXvue

This X-ray has been under service contract with Merry X-ray corporation since it’s purchase and has been serviced per their contract, bi-annually.

Everything you need to start taking digital x-rays. Table, computer, software, detector, power supply

Please contact VIP Animal Care for information at or 317-773-3232  $10,000

MAXXray is a Vieworks’s digital radiography system with Windows-based diagnostic image

processing software (Model: MAXXvue) which has DICOM storage, DICOM printer and DICOM

worklist compatibilities. Its major advantage is the ease of installation into a radiographic

system hardware, whether it is a new or used, eliminating the exiting cassette filming.

MAXXray uses a single single projection lens with optical folding technology which is a proven and reliable technology.

MAXXvue developed by Vieworks provides the best optimized digital image processing system by allowing image processing

parameters to be selectable to maximize the preset-algorithms for the very best and adopted diagnostic image quality.

·        One 6 Mega-pixel Charge Coupled Device (CCD) armed with specially dedicated optics

·        Excellent dynamic range with 16-bit digitization

·        Software developed by Vieworks to optimize the total DR system

·        Full compatibility with DICOM 3.0 standard and Windows based platform

·        Full resolution image within 10 seconds

·        Various post-image processing including tissue equalization, sharpening, auto-crop and window leveling

This information taken from Viewworks website.