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IVMA At-Large Board Member Options Available

Looking for an engaging and interesting volunteer experience within IVMA? Consider running for a position on the IVMA Board of Directors!  IVMA is currently seeking nominations from those who may be interested running for an at-large position on the board.

The new IVMA governance structure will transition to a board of directors comprised of at-large members (4) and regional representation (3 – north, mid, south). As part of the transition plan, 4 at-large positions will be elected to the Board in 2019 and 3 regional positions will be added in 2020. The board term is for 3 years, but in this initial phase, terms will be staggered for possibly less than a 3-year term. This conversion will leave a smaller, leaner board with 7 voting members and 4 officers.

To be considered, complete the included Nomination Form and return to the IVMA office by August 1, 2018.  The Board of Governors (the IVMA leadership team) will review all nominations submitted and develop a slate of candidates.

What’s involved?  Here are answers to some of your questions regarding this very cool volunteer opportunity.

How much time is involved? The board position is a 3-year term (the first terms may be staggered to get the new board established). The Board of Directors meets four times a year – at least 2-3 of the meetings are held in Indianapolis and one in West Lafayette. Board meetings last 3-5 hours, at the most.

What are the qualifications?  General criteria are listed below. You must have been a member of IVMA for at least 3 years. Review and consideration will be given, as well, to candidates from various species and geographic areas, so that a balance of thought and representation may be obtained for board discussions.

  • What involvement have you had in organized veterinary medicine at the national, state and local level?
  • What leadership positions or experience have you had in organized veterinary medicine?
  • What leadership positions or experience have you had in your community?
  • What experience do you have in addressing veterinary medical issues?
  • Do you have the ability to commit to the necessary travel?
  • Do you have the ability to understand and leverage power and politics in organizations?
  • Do you have the ability to help build consensus?
  • Are you a good communicator and do you work well with people?
  • Have you demonstrated the ability to think “strategically”?
  • Is there sufficient balance of officers and directors to represent the diversity of the veterinary profession.

What are a board member’s responsibilities? The duties as a member of the IVMA Board of Directors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Attending all meetings of the Board and in advance of each meeting put forth good effort to read and review the agenda and materials received before such board meeting occurs.
  • Informing the IVMA Executive Director of current contact information, e.g., address, phone, email.
  • Maintaining a general knowledge and understanding of the IVMA’s mission, current strategic plan, programs and services.
  • Assisting with setting the strategic goals and vision for the association.
  • Asking for progress reports and generally holding accountable task forces, volunteers, and staff for projects and assignments conveyed to them.
  • Requesting additional information or clarification during board meetings or from staff whenever necessary to make informed decisions.
  • Discussing emerging issues and trends with the profession and IVMA, exploring ways the IVMA might better serve the membership and public.
  • Studying resolutions, amendments, or other matters duly referred to the Board by the IVMA membership.
  • Approving minutes of IVMA board meetings.
  • Approving any changes to the IVMA Policies and Procedures Manual and any amendments to the IVMA Bylaws.
  • Approving the financial budget.
  • Setting fees as needed.
  • Approving such salary and allowances for the Executive Director, as recommended by the Board of Governors.
  • Providing direction to the AVMA Delegate and Alternate Delegate on matters before the AVMA House of Delegates during board meetings.
  • Briefing the incoming replacement director about duties, responsibilities and IVMA policies.

Do you still have questions? If so, please contact Lisa in the IVMA office, or Dr. Nathan Rich, IVMA president, at nrvet06@gmail.com