President’s Message

IVMA President
Dr. Matt Cantrell

What an interesting Spring and beginning of Summer we’ve had in Indiana so far! It is so strange to look out in the fields and see corn barely out of the ground, not even knee high by the 4th of July, let alone where it usually is at this time of year, up over our heads! I’ve been thinking a lot about our interwoven farming / agriculture / veterinary communities, and I hope for better weather the rest of this summer to aid in something of a recovery from the unusual rainfall.

Telemedicine veterinarian gives a hamburger to weimaraner dog in computer monitor. Doctor invites her to the clinic for real treatment. The dog looks at vet incredulously. Horizontal medium shot on blurred interior background


in Indiana

Telehealth is the overarching term that encompasses all uses of technology to deliver health information, education or care remotely. Telehealth can be divided into categories based on who is involved in the communication. For communications between veterinarians and animal owners there are two important categories that are distinguished by whether a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) has been established:

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Get Ready To
Renew Your License

Your veterinary license will expire on October 15, 2019. Renewal information will be sent to you via email on or before August 15, 2019, from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA). Please make sure that IPLA has your current email and address of record. If you need to change your email or address, you can call, email, or send a letter with the changes for your veterinary license to IPLA.


Practice Management

Who Needs a Manager?

As a technical services veterinarian, I had the privilege of visiting about 20 veterinary hospitals per week. During these meetings, I met with hospital leadership to discuss what was going well in their practices and identify areas in which my company could provide assistance to help their businesses become “even better yet”. While these meetings occasionally included veterinarians, my territory manager and I met most often with hospital managers.