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Animal Welfare

Dr. Nathan Rich, Chair
The committee’s goal will be to enhance and elevate the education of Indiana veterinarians and the public to encourage responsible and compassionate stewardship for the well being of animals, as well as promoting “One Welfare”.

Annual Meeting

Dr. James Stepusin, Chair
The mission of the Annual Meeting Committee is to plan and execute the IVMA annual meeting.

Audit & Budget

Dr. James Stepusin, Chair
The mission of the Audit and Budget Committee is to oversee the association’s budgetary process by preparing an annual budget for consideration by the board of directors and monitoring income, expenses, and investments throughout the year.

Continuing Education

Dr. Tracey Gillespie, Chair
The mission of the Continuing Education Committee is to fulfill the needs of the members by providing high quality, diverse educational opportunities available at an affordable price to as many members of the Association as possible.

Health & Wellness

Dr. Kristi Graham, Chair
The mission of the Health and Wellness Committee is to help individuals and practices gain access to the best available resources when confronted with physical or emotional health issues.

Leadership Development

Dr. Steve Sunbury, Chair
The mission of the Leadership Development Committee is to identify qualified candidates for IVMA offices and assist with the development of identifying and contacting IVMA membmers willing to volunteer for IVMA committees and projects.

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Dr. John Scamahorn, Chair
The mission of the IVMA Legislative Committee is to ensure that there is adequate and appropriate monitoring, lobbying and oversight on federal and state legislation and issues that could affect the IVMA and its membership and to make recommendations to the IVMA Board of Directors regarding any government activity that could affect veterinary medicine.


Dr. Dimple Hall and Dr. Kyle Shipman, Co-Chairs
The mission of the Membership Committee is to coordinate membership recruitment and retention program activities and to honor the lives of members who have passed away.


Dr. Jerry Risser, Chair
The mission of the Ethics Committee is to resolve complaints against IVMA members by evaluating all of the circumstances of a complaint, and if possible, arrive at an amenable conclusion for all parties in a courteous, respectful and forthright manner and to encourage ethical practices and professional behavior of veterinarians in all aspects of the profession.

Public Relations

Dr. Julie Davis, Chair
The mission of the Public Relations Committee is to promote a better understanding of veterinary medicine through a variety of public outreach efforts and marketing to both the public and association members.

Social Media

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IVMA In Action

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