How to Find the Right Veterinarian

04 Feb How to Find the Right Veterinarian

Are you looking for a Veterinarian?

For many of us, our four-legged (or no legged) companions are just as important to us as any member of our family. We take the time to insure they are well fed, groomed elegantly, and have happy, fulfilled lives. For any first time pet owner, or newly relocated owner, finding a fantastic veterinarian is essential.
Veterinarians are highly trained individuals that provide medical attention to a wide variety of animals. Some veterinarians specialize in a particular type of animal like dogs or cats while others may attend solely to beef and dairy cattle. Some even gain further training in different aspects of medicine, like surgery or dentistry. With so many factors to consider, choosing the right vet may seem overwhelming.

For you readers who already have a vet, but maybe moving to a new locale, ask your current vet for recommendations. Though veterinarians seem to be abundant, they are very few compared to the number of people who own pets. It is likely that your current vet may have a trusted college, or is familiar with other vets in the area you are relocating to.

If you are fresh to the world of pet ownership, then you may have to take a different approach. Before you start hounding online reviews of the clinics or hospitals in your area, try asking around. Many owners can be found at dog parks, or other recreational venues. Most owners will happily give recommendations to their vet or alert you to the pitfalls they’ve experienced.

Be careful! What another pet owner considers an ideal vet, may not be the right fit for you. Take the time to jot down a list of qualities that mean the most to you. Are you seeking a vet renowned for patience and kindness, or maybe one that is concise and mindful not to waste your time? Choose the vet that makes you feel like you and your pet are part of their family.

Other things to consider would include: the cost of services, availability, and location. All of these factor into our choice when it comes to vet care. Some of these features you may consider more important than others. It may be challenging at first to find a vet that checks all of your boxes, but you will undoubtedly find one that provides your needs. Happy hunting! Your new vet is waiting!

For additional information check out the “Find a Local Veterinarian”  on the IVMA website!