02 Apr Kids & Pets


Most of us have childhood memories that include our favorite family pets.  In my case, it was a cat named Tigressa, a French Lop rabbit named Thumper ( who weighed 25 pounds), ducks named Fluffy and Sunshine, Guinea pigs and countless fish and birds.  I have so many fond memories;  my sisters and I dressing up our cat, rabbit and guinea pigs, trying to teach our parrot to speak, and the countless hours we tried to teach the cat to fetch.  We were determined!  In retrospect, those memories make me chuckle, because my Dad was NOT an animal lover… guess he lost the “no pets” battle early on.

What did I learn from having pets?  That I could actually care for something, nurture it and watch it grow into something beautiful.  It taught me responsibility, patience and how to approach loss.  I recall the first pet that died was a fish (yes, we talked to our fish everyday) and I couldn’t believe that my mother was actually going to flush it down the toilet.  Needless to say we said goodbye, cried and she took it away. That human animal bond is so special.  We see that pet as our friend, confidant, play & snuggle buddy.

So today let’s celebrate kids and pets and go make some memories!

Remember, kids need to be taught how to approach and handle all different kids of animals.  Click on the link below and find out how you can teach your children to be safe around all animals.
Staying Safe Around Animals