10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pets

02 Jan 10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pets

What’s not to LOVE!!!

The human animal b0nd is something that is so special.  They love us unconditionally, and sometimes just their presence is all we need to calm us down after a hard day.  So on this Valentine’s Day, why not do something extra special for your fur babies.

Here are 10 suggestions on how you can show them some extra love.


  1. Dogs love walks!!  Take them on an extra long walk or take them to a nature preserve and enjoy the view together.
  2. We all know that you are their #1, so why not read a book and allow your fur baby to sit on your lap and cuddle while you enjoy your story.
  3. Treats are always appreciated!  Cats and dogs both love a little snack.  Why not make some home made treats.
    Doggie Treat Recipes   Kitty Treat Recipes
  4. Watch an action-packed film with dogs and cats as the stars.  You might be surprised that your pets may actually watch the movie ~ of course, all while snuggling with them.  May we suggest the movie “Cats & Dogs”?
  5. Dogs and cats love to play, so why not surprise them with a new toy.  Kongs and Nylabones are always a good idea for dogs.  We haven’t forgotten cats. Why not take a box and make a cat house out of it, or a skineez play toy.
  6. We want our pets looking spiffy, right? So why not get them a new collar or a dapper sweater, and take a cute picture and share with your family and friends.
  7. Another great idea is to make a donation to an animal shelter or foundation in your pet’s name.  It is the gift that helps other pets!  Make a donation today to the Indiana Animal Health Foundation.   
  8. February is Dental Awareness Month.  Why not schedule your dog or cat to have his or her teeth cleaned by your local veterinarian.  Just moved and looking for a new veterinarian? Wse our IVMA directory to “Find a Local Veterinarian” today!
  9. Are your pets’ tags u- to-date?  Celebrate Valentines Day with a heart charm with their name and your contact information.
  10. Finally, just cuddle, hug and love on your furry friends!   Because you are their favorite everyday, that’s the best way to spend Valentine’s Day!