Tips on how you can make Halloween safer for your pets

25 Oct Tips on how you can make Halloween safer for your pets


With Halloween just around the corner, here are a few suggestions on how you can make this spooky holiday safe for everyone!

  1. Cute puppy wearing a Halloween witch hat.Never Feed your pets Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate, raisins or xylitol ( a common sugar substitute found in sugar-free candies and gum).
  2. Some costumes contain batteries which are also a danger for pets if ingested,  so make sure to keep them away from your animals.
  3. Make sure your pet is properly identified either with a microchip or collar and ID tag.
  4. Always keep lit candles and jack-o-lanterns out of reach of your pets.
  5. If your pet is wearing a costume make sure it fits properly and is comfortable and that it doesn’t have any pieces that can be easily chewed or that interfere with your pet’s sight, hearing, breathing, opening it’s mouth or moving.  Give your pet some time to get accustomed to the costume and never leave your pet alone while he/she is wearing it.
  6. Keep all glow sticks and glow jewelry away from your pets.  Although the liquid in these products isn’t likely toxic, it tastes really bad and will make your pets salivate excessively.
  7. If your pet has stranger anxiety, or has a tendency to bite, keep him in a “safe place”; another room during trick-or-treat hours or crated.
  8. Finally with so much activity going on outside make sure you keep all your pets safely inside your home. 

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