What does that classified ad say about your practice? What does this headline say about this blog post?

06 Oct What does that classified ad say about your practice? What does this headline say about this blog post?

Magnifying glass over Jobs section of newspaper classifieds

It seems recently that there have been many posts to the IVMA website looking to hire a veterinarian – either part-time, full-time, ER, and everything in between.  If you are looking to hire a new graduate or a seasoned associate, write an ad that captures their attention and the culture of your terrific practice.  Here are a few suggestions……

The three parts of a great classified are the headline, the body, and the call to action at the end.  The purpose of the headline is to capture the attention, the body of the ad is the set up to the “CYA” – the call to action, and the CYA is the means to set the action in motion.  In writing a headline, remember to use action words and create curiosity.  The key to remember is the focus on the “what’s in it for the reader” to get them to continue on with reading your ad.  In the body of the ad, focus on the benefits of employment in your practice.  I don’t mean your actual benefits, i.e. health insurance, vacation time, etc., but the benefits of working with your staff and the culture of your practice (teamwork, collegiality, mentorship, etc.), the power of your client base, and how dynamic it will be for the reader to see themselves working in your practice (i.e. describe your practice setting – i.e. equipment, computers, in-house testing options, etc.).

The CYA should include a link to your practice website (this also demonstrates the power of your culture) and then an email or phone number for them to contact you directly.  This allows the applicant to have the opportunity to communicate with you directly to connect on one of the most important decisions of a person’s career – where they will work.

Here is a sample:

Are you looking for the ideal place to work?

If you are looking for the ideal place to work, we are looking for you.  Have you dreamed of working with a skilled staff that delivers every day?  Have you woken up in the middle of the night dreaming of delivering quality care to clients who value their pet and the human-animal bond? Didn’t you study all those years in veterinary school in order to offer quality medicine to your patients?  If the answer is “yes”, then ABC Veterinary Hospital is the place for you.  Work in a practice that aligns every day with its mission statement “insert mission statement”.  Operate in a practice setting with tremendous resources and the collegiality to deliver quality medicine in a team every day.  What are you waiting for?  Visit our website at www….abc.com or better yet, give me a call directly at 123-4567 to discuss how you can fit into our perfect world.