JumpStart! : Why should clients hire you? Turning Callers into Clients

21 Sep JumpStart! : Why should clients hire you? Turning Callers into Clients


By: Terra Shastri, Manager of Business Development, Ontario Veterinary Medical Association

Why should I hire you?” If you were ever asked that question in a job interview, you know that it is a daunting question requiring you to sell yourself to your potential employer.  While some candidates hit a home run in their response, it can stop other people in their tracks coming up with answers such as: “because I’m really good” or “because I need a job”- not exactly the best responses to help get them the job.

The same situation happens whenever you are dealing with a potential client over the phone; you are in a position to convince them why they should hire you to take care of their pet’s health. Most often you and your team do not how to convey why someone should come to you over someone else in a way that is convincing to someone.  You could say “because we are really friendly” or “because we love pets” but you can bet that the next hospital they call with say the exact same thing. What are you going to say that is different and meaningful?

For some of your team members, they may have a compelling story to share about why they work there. Perhaps they were previous clients who loved the hospital and the staff so much that they jumped at the opportunity to join the team. In this case, the team member could say:  “What I can tell you about us is that I used to be a client before I started working here. I had been to other veterinary hospitals with my Jack Russell but what I loved about our hospital was that everyone really took the time to explain what was happening with his health and educated me on things I could do to help him stay healthier and pain-free. They really helped me to become a better and more educated pet owner. I could also tell everyone really cared. When I heard they were hiring, I jumped at the chance because it seemed like such a wonderful place to work and I was right!

Maybe the person on the other end of the phone has a breed of dog which is the same as the veterinarian so in this case, the team member can talk about how the veterinarian loves that breed so much that she has one of her own.  Any and all of these anecdotes will serve the hospital well and will encourage the potential client come to your hospital.

Figuring out effective ways to persuade someone should come to your hospital over another requires a lot of thought.  Address it with your team and set a deadline of when everyone has to come up with their own reason why someone should bring their pet to your veterinary hospital.  Set some parameters such as the fact that it cannot be something other hospitals in the area can say, and encourage the team to be creative and to put themselves in the potential client’s shoes.  In other words, what would they need to hear if they were seeking out a veterinary hospital that would convince them to choose your hospital?

Ensure all responses are sincere and meaningful to a potential client and the team member saying it. Knowing why someone should choose you as their veterinary hospital is a crucial step in turning information callers (i.e. phone shoppers) into long-term clients.